Having the right professionals in place is the key to managing IT security. We at CN Trading know how important it is to have skilled resource in critical positions. We solely focus on entry-level to mid-level professionals in the information security domain - so we’re uniquely suited to assess your needs and find the perfect fit. We are small, yet powerful team who understand the talent gap and have the ability to produce security professionals with the right skills.


Key Features of Program

Pre-screening: When you get a candidate from CN Trading, that person has been fully vetted. We pay close attention to vital interpersonal skills like communication abilities, attitude, and agility.

Training and Mentoring: CN Trading contractors and consultants undergo extensive training and mentoring to be an immediate asset to our clients. The training is categorized as follows:

  • - Technology
  • - Communication
  • - Tools
  • - Research Skills
  • - Operational Knowledge
  • - Process Knowledge

We can also integrate customized technology training into any staffing engagement to ensure our talent is productive immediately.

Scale:Whether you need one person or a whole team of people, CN Trading can put together a support and staffing package that aligns with the financial and scheduling realities of your company.

Flexible:CN Trading offers flexible terms and conditions to suit your needs. We can support both short and long-term engagements.

Hire on Short Notice:We will always have a decent sized talent pool on bench to cater to your ad- hoc hiring needs